Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's the thing...

Lauren Flanigan is pretty darn fabulous.  How lucky were we to have chatted with her? Thank you so much Lauren, for taking the time to give us killer advice and tell us some fabulously entertaining stories. 

Here are some ideas to keep in mind..

"Yes, is faster than no" - Danny Devito

1. Just do it.
2. Here's the thing, there's no secret.
3. Don't under-estimate the power of your hometown.
4. No matter what, do not... do not quote any musical markings to a conductor! Just don't do it.
5. Blog, just a few minutes a day!
6. and last but not least, don't eat Jimmy Morris's prop rotisserie chickens after your aria when singing in Don Giovanni at the Metropolitan Opera. 

Enjoy the beautiful work of Lauren Flanigan below.

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