Friday, May 1, 2009

French Arias....

Hey friends, I am just starting to delve into the world of french rep. it scared me for a while, but now I'm ready! I'm working on Antonia's Aria from Les Contes d'Hoffmann. I'm singing it both in my exit audition ad well as jury. 

I've been enjoying Catherine Malfitano on youtube all afternoon. Check it out. {Video quality is poor, but the sound is great} And if anyone has any good french aria suggestions send 'em my way! - kate

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I see a lot of sexy and adorable secrets! What a great class you are. Kate, so many thanks for creating this great blog, and for your great and witty comments.

As Lauren said: Keep on blogging!

Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here's the thing...

Lauren Flanigan is pretty darn fabulous.  How lucky were we to have chatted with her? Thank you so much Lauren, for taking the time to give us killer advice and tell us some fabulously entertaining stories. 

Here are some ideas to keep in mind..

"Yes, is faster than no" - Danny Devito

1. Just do it.
2. Here's the thing, there's no secret.
3. Don't under-estimate the power of your hometown.
4. No matter what, do not... do not quote any musical markings to a conductor! Just don't do it.
5. Blog, just a few minutes a day!
6. and last but not least, don't eat Jimmy Morris's prop rotisserie chickens after your aria when singing in Don Giovanni at the Metropolitan Opera. 

Enjoy the beautiful work of Lauren Flanigan below.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Press Kits & Binders: the 411

*hey guys, just putting all the specifics about final projects on the blog from Janice's email this morning - good luck!*

Press Kits

1) the outside logo should be centered 2" or so from the top (use a card stock and rubber cement)

2) When you open the pocket portfolio to the left you should have a letter on your letterhead (stationary). You can writer that to Richard and me or use this as an opportunity to write a business letter asking for an audition, or letting a presenter know the details of your arrival time and needs before a concert. (This is called an advice sheet.)

3) Underneath this letter place the resume, bio, and if you have a repertoire sheet or a "Praise For...." (recommendations from teachers and coaches go on that sheet as well as reviews when you get them) would be placed under bio sheet. (These are not required, I just want you to know where they go).

4) On the right-hand side, place a photo you think meets my criteria. It can be you, a friend, or President Obama (whose cartoon bubble would. of course, show him to be thinking of me).

5) As to a card, you can use a cover stock and scale logo and information down. There are also 8 1/2 X 11 card stocks that are perforated so that you can print onto them and tear them into cards that fit in the pocket portfolio.

Eventually (when you have the money)  you can go to  or any other company  or Printing at and upload your files. I think 500 cards are about $50 for a custom card, a bit less for 250. Remember, the more you print the cheaper it gets. They also do photos if that's what you decide (but use same font as your letterhead). I have used Printingforless for brochures and they are very good.

Don't forget a paper clip that coordinates with your logo colors can add a very polished look.


You do not have to put every single handout in a plastic sleeve. For instance, I would put all the tax info in one sleeve. However, I would put letters, Activity Chart, Resume and photo info, bio materials, Job specification Sheet, Event Advertisement Sheet, and any other pages you will be using continuously in separate sleeves so that you do not have to go rooting around for them throughout your busy career days. Any of the materials I gave you such as the New Yorker articles, some of the Wall Street Journal articles, etc. can go in the back and do not have to be sleeved.

A Janice Papolos Scholarship Fund has just been endowed for anyone who is a bit "short of the ready" (as the British say), and are having trouble paying for plastic sleeves. Just email me separately, buy them, and I will reimburse you. I am that serious as to how much you will use and review the materials in these binders and one can of coke or a cup of coffee will finish them off.

Now, write me if you have any questions. I am here Twittering away. ( I think I'm beginning to live my life for my tweats and to read everyone elses'.) Remember... Start tweeting and "Wherever thou goest I will go" as Ruth said to Naomi.

I am looking forward to you all getting on Twitter so that you can keep me in the loop about you and happening performers on the opera scene (and Scott, your world). You are my eyes and ears out in the world!

By the way, Scott has been nominated as "Best Sport in the World."

Have a good day!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't forget!!

Take home final is due tomorrow {4.21.09}
Good luck everyone!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just a reminder, it's my recital today!!!

Here's all the info: Kate's Recital

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Twouble With Twitter

No, I haven't misspelled that. This is a funny video about the twittersphere. Take a look at

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Elaine Alvarez

*hi guys thought i would add this to the blog for Richard - Kate

This morning, I received the message below from MSM alumna Elaine Alvarez.  As you will note, tomorrow afternoon her opening night performance of "Rondine" willbe streaming live on the internet.  If you near a computer, check her out - I plan to. - Richard
Hello from Deustchland!

Just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow's opening night of La Rondine at Oper Leipzig will be streaming live on the internet! 

Follow the link: and on the right side of the screen you will see the header: 'LIVE STREAM'. The broadcast will be on Deutschlandradio Kultur so just click on one of the streaming formats below that and it will automatically open up live on your computer. I clicked on the Flash version and it worked perfectly for me! The broadcast begins on Saturday March 28th at 7:00pm local time which is 2pm EST (we haven't had daylight savings yet!) I hope you all will listen in and let me know what you think! Ill be checking my phone during intermission!

Much love to all of you!

***just a side note: it seems Elaine is hip to the blogging world, because she was interviewed by Opera Chic one of the opera blogs I follow: Check it out here!


Hi All!

I just posted on the new Facebook page that Kate created (thank you, Kate!), and I'll post here as I don't understand how we get this all connected.

I just watched a great and very cute video at that helps explain Twitter better. Supposedly it lets us get to know each other better, so, in response to the Twitter question: "What are you doing?" I'm going to Dunkin'Donuts for my daily fix.

Now, until I see the network value in all of this, I would wonder why anyone would care. Still, thanks to the great lecture Tom and Sean gave on Tuesday, Richard and I would like to see you all use the free tools of the web to expand your careers.

Enjoy the beautiful spring day!

I made a website!

Hey Guys 

So that last class with Sean and Tom got me inspired and I made my own website with iWeb check it out:
It's not perfect yet, but let me know if you have an suggestions or comments.

I also used a hosting site which turned out to be cheaper than here is the link:
BlueHost has video tutorials to show you how to publish your own website with different softwares. If you are using an older version of iWeb to make your site and not using a .mac domain then you might need to download a program called Easy iWeb Publisher.
It took me awhile to figure some things out so let me know if you have any questions!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Look!

Hey Guys!

I was mucho inspired after our great web-design class on Tuesday and decided to play around with the layout of our blog. Thanks to paintbrush {Kudos to Anna for the suggestion} and wayyyy too much time browsing images from google, I've settled on this.


All the best,
Kate :)

PS: I also updated my Recital Blog, and don't forget to check out YapTracker and GoDaddy!!
PPS: Make sure to keep us all informed of any upcoming BOVM-ers recitals, concerts, operas... etc.! Let's be there to applaud each other!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awesome Headshots!

Hey guys... I'm finally getting around to checking this blog out! Horrible, I know. Anyway, I wanted to give you guys the info where I got my headshots done. The photographer's name is Rick Stockwell. He's a generous, easy-going, helpful photographer. He coached me so that I didn't feel nervous and awkward and made me feel like an absolute princess! And even better--he is right here in the city on 43rd Street! His website is so go check it out if you're on the hunt for a good photographer. He's worth every penny b/c the photographs will be great, and it's a wonderful, memorable experience.

~Sarah M.

P.S. I'm so excited b/c I went to and registered a domain! was available. I couldn't believe it. so now I just need to get the website aspect up and running :/

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Spring Break

Snow on Spring break... I was expecting sunny skies and warm weather, oh well! 

Found this cool website via one of the blogs I read: The Book Cover Archive: An Archive of Book Cover and Designs and Designers - For the Purpose of Appreciation and Categorization. Have fun! 

- Kate :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Having been around - ahem - a bit, I like to think that I know a lot about American singers.
Then comes the joy of discovering for myself a "new" artist. This was the case when a friend emailed me a message to go to YouTube and type in Eula Beal. I urge you to do the same thing and play the "None But The Lonely Heart" clip. I was amazed. Her fans labeled her The American Kathleen Ferrier. Alas, her career endured but a mere ten years. She did continue to be involved in community vocal activities in Northern California, but stopped singing professionally as her husband wanted her to participate in an "unchallenged domestic life." Pity. This clip reminds what a boon modern technology can be to education and enjoyment if handled in an appropriate manner.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Paintbrush for MAC

Here is a REALLY simple Youtube video on how download paintbrush for you MAC, enjoy! Thanks for the tip Anna!

Can you chicken dance?

Need a laugh? Check out Where the Hell is Matt?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Metropolitan Opera 2009-2010 Season!!

*hey everyone VP Adams sent me this great write-up about the Met's 2009-2010 season, I can't wait!! Check it out - Kate*

Metropolitan Opera Announces New Season

On Tuesday, February 10th, General Manager Peter Gelb held a press conference to announce the 2009/2010 season at the Metropolitan Opera. New productions include Carmen starring Angela Gheorghiu

It is a rarity for a soprano to take on one of the benchmarks of the mezzo soprano repertory. However, recordings exist featuring Maria Callas and Leontyne Price as the fiery gypsy. 

Paulo Szot (the Tony winning star of "South Pacific") will star in a new productions of Shostakovich's The Nose (MSM did a production of this piece circa 1986). Another new production will feature Anna Netrebko and Rolando Villazon: The Tales of Hoffmann. Other new productions will include Tosca with Karita Matila, Rossini's Attila, Janacek's From The House of The Dead featuring Esa-Pekka Salonen's company duet as conduction, Armida (Renee Fleming) and Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas (starring Simon Keenlyside and Natalie Dessay.) 

Several revivals of major productions have been cancelled due to cost: Die Frau Ohne Schatten, Benevenuto Cellini, and The Ghosts of Versailles

Of particular interest is the productions team of Attila. The costumes will be by Miuccia Prada and the sets by the Swiss production team that designed the Bird's Nest for the Beijing Olympics.

Mr. Gelb also announced that the Met's HD transmissions had passed the million-ticket mark in sales for the previous weekend!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How amazing was Carolann!!

**Re-posting the second Janice, comment! - Kate**

Hi All,

I'd like to start next week's class with Kate's walking us through our new class blog. We will be able to share so many ideas and thoughts with this forum. We really will be the envy of the school--thanks to Kate!

And, at the risk of sounding like your mother, can you all drop an email to Carolann Page? She was a wonderful guest and the time just flew. I know she would appreciate hearing from you and, please do tell her specifically if something really answered a long-held question for you, or if a comment she made encouraged you or made you feel more secure. Her email is
Be well,

Janice's Post about Graphic Designer: Kelly Boyle

**I noticed that Janice posted this in a comment and so I
 wanted to make sure that everyone saw it** - Kate

Hi All,

I've been looking for a graphic designer who is willing to work with young musicians at a reasonable rate. I have seen her work and it is beautiful. Most of you will never need a designer because you will do a fine job yourself (and have all the fun of doing it), but this is for later down the road when a rich aunt or uncle wants to know what you want for Christmas. Here's what designer Kelly Boyle wrote to me in response to my email:

Hi Janice,
Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it. I have actually done work for Paul Simon, Shontelle, and Michelle Branch (through their record companies). I really enjoy working on projects for musician!

As far as rates, I generally charge $65/hr. However, in the past, I have worked out flat rates for certain projects with strict budgets... A logo (from 2-3 concepts to completion) will take roughly 10 hours.

**check out her website!**

Please let me know if you would like me to send you some business cards. I am reachable via this email, or at (That web address is listed on the website.)

On a side note, I us ed to play the guitar and have a great admiration of musicians. (I was not very good.)

Thank you again. Please let me know if you need anything. Also, please let me know if/when you would like to meet!


Kelly Boyle

**here is a sample of her work that I found on Kboyle's website, it is from the Michelle Branch website**

Headshots, anyone?

Hi BOVM class!
Is anyone interested in getting some headshots taken? I'm getting mine taken on Feb 12th with photographer Lori Smith ( Here's the deal...right now the price is $475 for the shoot...but if someone booked a session after mine, we would each get a $50 discount - so we would each pay $425.
The session INCLUDES hair and make-up, 3 changes (or more), same day CD of proofs, and retouching. She also guarentees her pictures...that is, she will keep shooting 'till you are happy with your pics! It's a great deal! Anyone interested? Just send me an e-mail if you have any quetions...Lori's number is 212.479.0849 if you would like to speak with her directly.
Thank you!
~Anna B.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BOVM Recital Cheering Section

Hi Everyone! 

I'm glad to see the added posts. Today's class was amazing  Check out Lauren's Recital Blog! Way to blog, girl. Rock on. 

And don't forget about our two other lovely ladies Recital's coming up:

*Sarah Beaty's Junior Recital: THIS Sunday 2/8 in Greenfield Hall at 6:00pm
*Carla Jablonski's Graduate Recital: Friday 2/13 in Greenfield Hall at 9:00pm

oh, and don't forget about me! Kate's Recital

Best, Kate :)

Dynamod Web Hosting

Hey guys,

Here's the link to Dynamod - the Flash template web hosting service I talked about today in class. Also, here's my website in case you'd like to see a sample of what Dynamod can do. I highly recommend it!

Have a good one, everyone!

This is amazing Kate! Thank you so much for sharing. I have a free evening and know I'm going to be sucked into learning about blogging.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Blog: (It's easy, I promise!)

Hello All,
I realize I should have dedicated this subject to our first post, but hey, better late than never! I really want everyone to be a part of this blog. It is this unbelievable, untapped source at MSM. I say let's grab hold of it and spread the word. 

Here are some tutorial videos I found via Youtube: (what did we ever do before youtube?) I believe there is even a tutorial video linked through blogger when you first begin, but here are a few I previewed and deemed worthy enough for our blog lesson.
Getting Started with Blogger (this one is much quicker than the first)

Blog on and enjoy your weekend. 
- Kate

Thursday, January 29, 2009

February 3rd Guest: Carolann Page

As we all were informed by VP Adams via email, our first guest speaker is Carolann Page. Get excited!

PS - Don't forget our rough-draft Resumes are due!! 

BOVM: The Business of Vocal Music, Basic Info

Welcome to the class blog! I hope we all take advantage of what a great journey we are about to embark upon. Good luck and Happy Blogging :) - Kate.

How To Get An “A” In The Business of Music Course

  1. Be there, physically and mentally.
  1. Participate. Give thought to the discussions and add your ideas to the public forum.  Questions and feedback are important for us as teachers and for the community of the class.  If you are a shy, less verbal person, or English is your second language, your comments will be doubly appreciated.
  1. Take responsibility for the “Show and Tell” portion of the class. In this segment, you criticize or admire photos, graphic pieces, letters emails, or relate experiences with auditions, managers, concert presenters, etc.—anything we discuss in class, or that you think will guide others on their way.
  1. Keep your Handout Binder up-to-date.  All students must present a large binder with all handouts protected with plastic sleeves at final class.  This way the binder can sit on a book shelf—totally organized—ready for your constant reference.
  1. Score well on the exam.
  1. Prepare your press kit with style and imagination.


The Business of Music Course Description 

This course teaches the critical business and interpersonal skills that can propel an accomplished musician into a successful career, as well as help him or her sustain a high level of professional activity once that career has been launched. Students develop an entrepreneurial know-how through lectures that focus on:

  • Photos that make connections
  • Dynamic resumes that work
  • Graphic design that creates interest in an artist
  • Polished phone, correspondence and email contact skills
  • Program bios
  • The recording studio and CD marketing
  • How to secure—and relate to—managers and publicists (how to act as your own publicist)
  • Web site development
  • Understanding and preparing for tax time
  • Interpersonal skills and discussions about how to combine a personal and/or family life with a career.

Leading members of the artistic and business community will be invited to instruct and expand on material covered throughout the semester. A term project requires each student to design and assemble a formal press kit that includes a cover logo identification, and unfolds to reveal letterhead and business card, a resume, a program bio, and—if possible—a listing of reviews from the press, or recommendations from high-ranking teachers or coaches. This last item is just something to think about and know about as you participate in summer programs, opera workshops, etc. A sheet of recommendations would be titled “Praise for….”


**I will try and have copies of all the class handouts available to view through the blog. You can find them at the bottom of the page, they will be organized by date. That way if, God forbid, you lost your 3-inch binder, you could start to rebuild it!**