Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Blog: (It's easy, I promise!)

Hello All,
I realize I should have dedicated this subject to our first post, but hey, better late than never! I really want everyone to be a part of this blog. It is this unbelievable, untapped source at MSM. I say let's grab hold of it and spread the word. 

Here are some tutorial videos I found via Youtube: (what did we ever do before youtube?) I believe there is even a tutorial video linked through blogger when you first begin, but here are a few I previewed and deemed worthy enough for our blog lesson.
Getting Started with Blogger (this one is much quicker than the first)

Blog on and enjoy your weekend. 
- Kate

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  1. I hope you can all hear me applauding Kate from Connecticut! Her creative and kind, kind work has made us the tech savvy group of the school. Richard and I are absolutely thrilled. Thank you, Kate!

    Janice Papolos